Material Science:dfd
Place of Origin :fdsa
Product Number:fdsa
Size :fdsa
Technology :fdsa
Packing :fdsa
Applicable Place:fdsa
Net weight :fdsa
Product Introduction
Production process
Packaging logistics
1, in order to guarantee that the goods are not damaged, Division I for all the goods were taken + wooden pallet packaging method and some products around covered with plastic foam to prevent the edges and corners of a bad knock.

2, the south is located in Fujian Huian stone industry Hongshi Industrial Zone, the local logistics freight transportation is developed, covering all over the country.

3, the goods transport company by the customer specified or by our assistance to determine, before delivery, the customer through the on-site inspection or the company to provide the kind of photos of the way, to confirm the goods.

4, in the course of the goods transportation, the goods damaged due to the cause of the transport, the customer to the logistics company claims, I am the Secretary to help.



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